Patch Kindle for Mac on Mac Catalina (Or Big Sur)

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Have you upgraded your kindle for Mac to 1.26 or even later version? If you did, you'll get kindle kcr format, not the old Kindle format. Is there any method to download the older kindle format with Kindle for Mac 1.26 or later version? Sure, you can download older kindle format with kindle 1.26 and even remove kindle drm, but you need to patch the Kindle for Mac. Want to know how, keep reading.

Things will be much easier if you are still using the Mac 10.14 or older system. You just need to downgrade kindle for mac to old version. Then you can download kindle books in old kindle format.

But if you are on Mac Catalina or Big Sur, please follow the following steps to get your kindle books decrypted.

This method is published by odamizu and initially posted on MobileRead Forum.

Note Please ensure your Kindle for MAC is older than 1.32 because books downloaded via kindle for Mac 1.32 is unable to be cracked. If you've already installed the kindle for MAC 1.32, please uninstall it and then download & install the kindle for MAC 1.31.

Download Kindle for Mac 1.31

Step 1. Remove downloaded kindle books from computer at first.

remove kindle books from computer

Step 2. Close Kindle for Mac and open the terminal window and input following code:

chmod -x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test

Some users will fail to remove Kindle DRM even if they have execute this command. That’s because some of you don’t have the root privilege to stop the render-test program. To ensure you can 100% to remove Kindle DRM successfully, please add Sudo before the above command.

sudo chmod -x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test

When you put the above code in the Terminal and then click on “Enter”, you will be requested to fill in your computer passwords. Just fill in it and click on “Enter” again. All done.

stop render-test

Step 3. Re-download Kindle books.

Note: Please right click on the book title and then select “Download” from the drop-down menu. Or download from the menu bar “File-->Download”.

download kindle books

If you double click the book title to download the kindle book, you will get the Kindle KCR format with the latest DRM scheme which cannot be stripped for now. So please ensure your books are downloaded correctly. Also, please don’t open or read your downloaded books before removing kindle DRM. Otherwise, the Kindle files will be changed from .azw to .kcr which cannot be cracked for now.

download kindle kcr books

Step 4. Remove Kindle DRM on Mac with Epubor Ultimate---the best ebook DRM Removal and converter.


When you run Epubor Ultimate, it will detect the kindle books and display them on the left column under Kindle tab. Just drag the books to the right column, Kindle DRM will be remove successfully.

remove kindle drm

If you have kindle eink device, you can follow the Ultimate guide to remove Kindle drm on Mac Catalina or watch the below video to remove kindle drm.

If you still have not updated your MacOS system to 10.15 Catalina, please read How to Remove DRM from Kindle Books .

  • After executed the above command, your kindle for Mac may be crashed every time you open it, you can reverse to it to the original by using the following command: sudo chmod +x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test.

joined Epubor since 2017. She always wants to share everything related to ebook reading and improve your reading journey.

08/21/2020 18:25:29
Excuse me, but the link - use KCR Converter to convert Kindle cloud reader to epub/azw3/mobi - doesn't work, you can fix it? Thanks
08/23/2020 07:33:51
Thank you for asking. The kindle cloud reader doesn't support the offline reading. Therefore, your kindle cloud reader cannot be downloaded via kindle cloud reader.
It is out of our control. If you can download kindle cloud reader, then epubor kcr converter can still handle them.
Anyway, we are sincerely sorry for this issue.Also, we offer  the some workaround. Please contact support@epubor.com to get further assistance.
08/24/2020 23:05:32
Hello, this is the second message I placed, the first one was not published and I did not understand why. I ask you if you can fix the link at the top - use KCR Converter to convert Kindle cloud reader to epub/azw3/mobi - because it doesn't work and I don't know how to proceed since my Mac system already updated to Catalina but I never use Epubor Ultimate before. Thanks
08/25/2020 09:14:00
Thank you for using our software. The KCR CONVERTER only handles the kindle cloud reader books. But now there kindle cloud reader books cannot be downloaded any more. This is decided by Amazon. So no, kcr converter doesn't work any more.
We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused.
09/10/2020 06:59:22
Can we get a $15 discount on the lifetime purchase of Ultimate since KCR no longer works.
09/10/2020 10:09:15
Thank you for contacting us about this issue. Sure, we will help you get this issue fixed via email.
01/11/2021 02:55:32
I have Big Sur and while it did take me a while to navigate through all the help files and decipher the best way to pull off converting these files it did end up working. Using the sudo command in terminal and then downloading again made it possible. Thank you. I appreciate the hard work you guys put into this as I know it is hard to write support for so many different variables. A+ to you and your team.
01/11/2021 09:53:57
Thank you for your comments. We've also received the tickets you created.
We've tested your license and ensure it can register well at our side.
Please try to register it again. If you are still failed, please let us know. We'll help you check this issue via Teamviewer.
We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused.
03/4/2021 04:20:32
This software no longer works to convert amazon kindle files.  Such a shame
03/4/2021 09:16:45
Thank you for using our software. Epubor software still can remove drm from amazon kindle books.
If you have any issue on removing kindle drm, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com to get further assistance.
03/9/2021 18:50:35
When I download the kindle book to my computer and try to strip the DRM, epubor tells me that it is a rental book and cant strip the drm, but they aren't rental books. I paid for them. How to I get around this. I contacted support and created a ticket for this but noone has gotten back to me and I'd like to get it resolved soon or get a refund.
03/11/2021 09:03:26
Thank you for using our software. First of all, please ensure you are using the latest version of Epubor Ultimate. You can download it on here: https://www.epubor.com/ultimate.html
Secondly, we've already sent the email to you. Please check your mailbox, even spam.
03/16/2021 10:42:44
I used Epubor Ultimate and it not longer works for kindle azw3 files…
03/17/2021 10:43:15
Thank you for using our software. Can you please describe your problem more clearly as Epubor Ultimate is still supporting AZW3 file? Can you please screenshot and send it to our support@epubor.com? Then we will help you fix it ASAP.
03/17/2021 18:57:29
is it normal that the software only converts the first 20/30 pages of the ebook?
thank you
03/19/2021 09:00:46

Thank you for asking. Are you using the trial version of Epubor Ultimate?
Please note that the trial version of Epubor Ultimate only converts 20% content of each book. To obtain the full content, please upgrade it to full version.
Any more problem, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com

03/31/2021 18:18:38
after running the sudo command, downloading and convertig kindle books to pdf-files, I can no longer use the kindle app to read books/ display book contents. The kindle app crashes. Even reverting the chmod command (sudo chmod +x …) does not help. Any advice?
04/6/2021 09:56:51
Thank you for your comments. Please use this command: sudo chmod +x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test.
Then you need to redownload your kindle books again.
04/5/2021 08:43:52

Hi Would you send an email to me for the below issue?

1. Not decrypt a book: The trerasury of David: The Complete Seven Volumes (Best Navigation) 8.18MB
2. Cannot upload here png or pdf Screen Shot.


ST Lee

04/6/2021 14:47:41
Thank you for your comments. We've contact you about this issue via email. Please check your email box later.
04/5/2021 08:49:11


I cannot decrypt a Kindle book (azw3): The Treasury of David (8.18MB).
Please send a corresponding email for this case as I cannot upload the screnshot in any format of png & pdf.


SungTae Lee

04/7/2021 08:15:14

Hello, I just finished using your software on my mac with kindle version 1.30 and Big Sur OS. It definitely works and I am very happy with it. If I could make a few suggestions that I think will help you and other buyers. It wasn't working at first and then in one of your explanations I saw where you said to make sure Kindle was off while I convert my files. I had not remembered reading that in any of the other write ups and that's what it took to work. Second...after converting the files, my kindle would crash. I remembered seeing the terminal command in one of the reader comment sections to reverse what I had performed prior but it took me a while to find it. I would suggest that everywhere you put the thermal line to change Kindle, you would include the terminal line to change it back the way it was. Lastly, you have done a tremendous amount of work on this product and depending on what your source is and what you are converting it to, it can be somewhat overwhelming which directions to follow. For a bit, I even tried to go back to kindle version 1.23 but then realized that that was a 32bit software and those instructions wouldn't work for me. If you had a page that had a decision tree or algorithm where at the top  you  start with your source material identification after a few other pertinent questions that guide you different directions down the algorithm, end with your destination choice and there would be a link to directions specific to your situation that would be fantastic. I really liked the video  you put in the KFK section to confirm my steps were correct.

Again...love the software and will be a great resource to have from now on.


04/7/2021 09:07:28
Thank you for your comments and advices. They are really helpfuL.
07/13/2021 07:34:49
No hay caso, seguí todos los consejos 3 veces y no funciona!
07/13/2021 09:04:16
Can you please describe your problem more clearly? Can you please screenshot and send it to us via support@epubor.com? Then we will help you fix this issue remotely.
Look forward to your early reply.
05/1/2021 01:25:51

Thank you so much for this!  It worked perfectly for months, but I tried opening my Kindle app this morning to download some books and it will no longer open on my Mac (OS 10.15.7).  I opened Terminal and entered the command again in case it had somehow gotten erased (can that even happen???) but it still won't open.  

Any advice?

05/6/2021 09:34:53
Thank you for using this method.
Do you mean that your kindle for Mac cannot open anymore on Mac catalina? Please close the kindle app and you can reverse to it to the original by using the following command: sudo chmod +x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test.
Then try to open the kindle for mac again on your Mac platform.
Any more problem, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com
05/14/2021 20:47:48
Using the Kindle version 1.31, even tried with 1.26 on Big Sur 11.1. I put the awz file and drag it but the error persists.
05/14/2021 21:47:47
See below for the solution.
05/14/2021 21:35:39

Ok so here is the guide for people that have Big Sur 11.1
1. Go to mac.filehorse[DOTCOM]/download-kindle-for-mac/
   1.1 and select OLDER VERSIONS from the tab
   1.2 download the 1.26.1 version of kindle

2. Then to stop the kindle from updating !
   2.1 Amazon has gotten aggressive with forced auto-updates, even if you have unchecked auto-updates in
   Preferences. To get around this, go to User > Library > Application Support > Kindle folder and
   replace the "updates" folder with an empty txt file named "updates" (no extension)
   apply chmod -w to the "updates" folder. After you do that, K4Mac will ask if you want to download a
   new version every time you launch the app, and you can choose no.

3. Folow the guide on this page:
   3.1 - Remove all books
   3.2 - Run the terminal command - sudo chmod -x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test
   3.3 - Right click then download
   3.4 - Run Epuber and convert the book

08/1/2021 02:27:55
I WANT A REFUND!!!!! I have tried several times to remove drm. I followed the instructions here. In terminal I get a message "no such file or directory" when I type in the sudo chmod -x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test. Kindle still downloads the same file type even when I try the right click method as described.
08/1/2021 02:31:15
I meant to give this 0 stars, but it auto selected 5 stars. THIS PRODUCT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!
08/1/2021 09:21:31
The most recent update to the Kindle app changed something. Downgrade to Kindle 1.31 and these instructions work again.
08/2/2021 09:55:12
Thank you for your feedback. Yes, the latest kindle for PC1.32 has changed something and please downgrade your kindle to 1.31 and then follow this guide to remove kindle drm.
08/8/2021 23:15:01
If you would have read my comment, I am using a Mac, not a PC. The old versions of kindle do not run on Big Sur 11.4 Mac OS, so I am stuck with the current kindle app. And following the instructions for typing in a terminal command get a response "no such file or directory". This product is useless.
08/9/2021 09:21:49

Thank you for using our software and sincerely sorry for this issue. That's because the kindle app 1.32 has changed something. To remove kindle drm, please install kindle for MAC 1.31 and then run the command to avoid the kindle kfx format. Please follow this guide to get this issue fixed: https://www.epubor.com/updating-kindle-for-mac-to-132-or-higher-will-prevent-you-from-removing-kindle-drm.html

Any more problem, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.

08/14/2021 01:32:32

i bought epubor today and spend all day trying to make it work with no success.

i am in the exact same situation as Marion (owner of Mcbook air) and followed the instructions to the letter, even download older version of kindle, looked at all your videos, tutos, FAQs and whatnot but when it comes to the input on the terminal, i have the same message "No such file or directory" which is blocking me once i want to convert my book.

You do have great reviews so please find us a solution or please make a commercial gesture and give us a refund.

08/16/2021 15:30:26
Thank you for using our software. We've contact you soon via email to help you fix this issue.
11/22/2021 04:43:06

Glad I checked the comments and found this - I think because I was jumping around these articles/tutorials and they're not all updated accordingly I did not think downgrading to Kindle 1.31 would work (another epubor article states that downgrading will not work on Big Sur).

Anyways, I was able to successfully downgrade within the epuborUltimate app (trial). The process was unbelievably easy and smooth for me. Command line worked properly after doing so but very important that the command is entered PRIOR TO opening Kindle 1.31 after downgrade.

Had some minor issues getting Ultimate to find my downloaded Kindle books (they were not automatically showing up in the list) but was able to resolve this by redirecting my Kindle downloads in the Kindle app to a folder I created on my desktop. Altered the Kindle Source Location to that same desktop folder in Ultimate. Tested two ebooks this way and seems to be working perfectly now.

Wanted to share in case anybody else is still having issues. I'll be purchasing the full version now.

08/8/2021 23:11:11
the previous versions of kindle will not run on my computer, using mac OS 11.4
How can you sell a product that does NOT work??!!!
08/9/2021 09:35:04

Thank you for using our software and sincerely sorry for this issue. That's because the kindle app 1.32 has changed something. To remove kindle drm, please install kindle for MAC 1.31 and then run the command to avoid the kindle kfx format. Please follow this guide to get this issue fixed: https://www.epubor.com/updating-kindle-for-mac-to-132-or-higher-will-prevent-you-from-removing-kindle-drm.html

Any more problem, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com

12/6/2021 00:48:32
So 4 months later and still no support.
I am using Mac version Kindle 1.31 as suggested. I typed in the command in terminal exactly as stated. The file that downloads IS a .azw. I still get "failed" when dragging and dropping the file into Epubor Ultimate.
I don't understand why you want to scam people by selling a product that does not work. Only to collect people's money and never offer support, no replying to emails, and refuse to give refunds.
12/7/2021 10:17:58
Thank you for contacting us. We've checked out mailbox but still have not received any refund request. Our technical support staff Alice will contact you about this issue. Please don't worry. Our software can handle kindle drm and we will help you soon.
08/22/2021 04:55:51
Thank you. I have used your software and followed the instructions you provided on this page and I was able to decrypt a Kindle book.
08/23/2021 10:29:13
Thank you for your feedback and glad to know that your ebooks have been decrypted. Have a nice day!
02/5/2022 06:14:05
On a book I bought recently I did try to use epubor again (after a long hiatus) and I got a message suggesting the book is rental (it is not). Do you have any suggestions? Do you need a snapshot of the message?
02/7/2022 11:20:54

Yes, please screenshot and send it to us via support@epubor.com. Then we will try our best to help you. Also, you can try to fix your problem by following this instructions at first: https://www.epubor.com/updating-kindle-for-mac-to-132-or-higher-will-prevent-you-from-removing-kindle-drm.html

Look forward to your early reply.

02/18/2022 05:27:47
It dosen't work anymore... I bought the application last summer and it worked great. I downloaded the 1.31 version again, because Kindle automatically updated itself to Kindle 1.33. When I type the codes into terminal, Kindle closes and opens again and have updated it-self to the 1.33 version and the book I want to convert is locked and not able to convert to Epub... What to do? I have tried 3 times installing the 1.31 and it dosen't work - tried a month ago - same thing... The 1.17 and the 1.23 version can't get downloaded to my desktop... I have Catalina 10.15.7 and I can't find any older versions online...
02/18/2022 14:22:06

I am in the same boat
MacOS Monterey v12.1
epubor ultimate
verified and documented Kindle device ID
Kindle version 1.26.1 for mac
ran sudo chmod -x.....
downloaded books via Kindle app
used Epubor Ultimate

getting KFX error

Worked before just fine, could it be the version of Mac OS ???  

any help would be appreciated (BTW, long time supporter of this group, thanks for having this solution)

02/22/2022 09:15:29
Our customer support team have contacted you via email and try to help you fix this issue.
02/23/2022 20:45:14
I have not recieved a mail from you...
02/28/2022 10:00:43

Thank you for contacting us. Please check your mail box again, even spam. We've sent the email again to show you how to fix this issue. Please don't worry. If you still have not received the email, please just feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.

Have a nice day!

03/1/2022 03:31:21
thanks so much, I just replied... appreciate the help.
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