How to Read Evernote on Kindle

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Evernote is such a handy app to use on many devices. Have you ever thought about using Evernote on your Kindle eink devices? However, it is impossible as Kindle eReader doesn’t support outsource apps. Is there any way to read Evernote notes on your kindle eReader? Of course to this question. You’ll find two ways to read Evernote notes on your kindle devices.

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Method 1. use web browser on Kindle eink device

Have you ever noticed that the kindle web browser? Yes, here I mention it because you can use it to access Evernote on your kindle device.

1 go to your Kindle web browser.

2 Tap Evernote web address: www.evernote.com and then tap the right arrow to go to the website.

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3 Then tap “login” and enter your Evernote username and passwords to access your Evernote notes.

login to evernote on kindle device

4 Now you can read your Evernote on your kindle eink device.

Anyway, I have tested this method. It takes a very long time to load the pages. This method is not recommended.

Method 2. Convert Evernote notes to PDF and transfer it to Kindle

If you want to read Evernote notes on Kindle eink device, why not just convert Evernote to kindle supported format and transfer it to Kindle?

Let’s look at the kindle supported format at first:

  • Amazon AZW ebook(.azw), Amazon MOBI ebook(mobi), Amazon MOBI ebook(.prc), PDF(.pdf), Microsoft Word document(.doc, docx), Rich Text Format(.rtf), Plain Text(.txt), image(.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp), and HTML page (.html, htm).

If we can convert Evernote to kindle supported formats, reading Evernote on Kindle eReader is just a piece of cake.

After investigating, converting Evernote is the easiest way to get your Evernote readable on Kindle Eink device. Follow the steps to transfer your Evernote note to Kindle device.

1 Login to your Evernote account and open the note that you want to read on Kindle.

2 Click the three dots on the top right corner, then select “Print”.

print evernote to pdf

3 In the pop-up windows, choose “Save as PDF” in Destination, and then click on “Save” button to print the Evernote notes to PDF format.

print evernote to pdf

4 Connect your kindle device to your computer with USB cable. Then transfer the Evernote PDF to “Documents” folder on your kindle device.

tranfer evernote to kindle device

5 Eject your kindle and then you can see the PDF in your Kindle library.

read evernote on kindle

Now you can just tap it to read your Evernote on your kindle device.

I have to admit that this is the simplest way to get your Evernote notes into your kindle device. If you have any other way, please kindly share them in the comments to benefit more users.


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