How to Convert iBooks to Kindle

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convert ibooks to kindle

If you ask me "how can I read my iBooks on my Kindle", I will answer you "convert iBooks to Kinde please". Why? I'm guessing that you have tried to transfer Apple iBooks to the Kindle, but you failed, right?

Your Kindle won't show up these purchased iBooks because the following main reasons.

DRM on iBooks:

You can't convert iBooks to Mobi because those purchased files have DRM (Fairplay DRM) protection. The DRM limits you to read iBooks on Apple related products such as iPad, iPhone, Mac. Kindle is not contained.

Incompatibility between iBooks EPUB and Kindle:

Even if some of your iBooks weren't DRM protected, but they're in EPUB format which Kindle doesn't support EPUB format as Kindle eBook formats are limited to AZW and KF8.

This is the reason why I introduce you to convert iBooks to Kindle. Following is about how to.

Step 1: Remove DRM from iBooks

Firstly find your purchased iBooks in your iTunes library. Then run iBooks DRM requiem to bypass the DRM protection.

Requiem is a free and open source Fairplay DRM removal software that can be used on removing DRM limitation from iTunes iBooks, and even audio books, videos, songs. But before you run this tool please prepare the Java environment for your computer.

Step 2: Convert iBooks to mobi

Mobi is the native Kindle supported format, so when converting iBooks to Kindle I strongly recommend you always choose Mobi as output format.

Download and install this iBooks to Kindle converter named Epubor eBook Converter please. It helps you convert non-DRM iBooks EPUB to Kindle mobi with high quality. And you can also convert iBooks to Kindle on Mac with its Mac version.

convert ibooks to mobi

Just add files to the main interface, then choose "Mobi", then click on "Convert" button.

Now everything is fine. From the output folder you will see the decrypted mobi files. All your iBooks books have been successfully converted to Kindle. If you want to read them on Kindle, just copy them to your device with USB.

Download the tool for free

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Convert iBooks author to Kindle

For authors or publishers, they may have some .iBooks files (created by iBooks author) in hand, and then want to view them on Kindle. So at this time they need to convert .iBooks files for Kindle.

Firstly, export from iBooks author and save as PDF.

Choose "File"--"Export", then click PDF. Select those options and follow the next. Enter a name and choose a location for the file, and click "Export".

Next, the ebook converter tool still works pretty well for you. From the location you set, drag the PDF file to this iBooks to Kindle converter tool's main interface, select "Mobi" as output format. You can also select "Kindle“ from output devices options.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

No matter you are an eBook reader or author, if want to read iBooks on Kindle, please have a good try of this method. If have any problem in removing DRM from iBooks or converting iBooks to Kindle, feel free to open a ticket, our technical service staff will help you for free.


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