Three Methods to Convert HTML to MOBI for Kindle

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convert HTML to MOBI for Kindle

HTML(HyperText Markup Lanuage) is the standard markup language to create web page while Mobi is a file format created by Mobipocket but now also adopted by Amazon Kindle Readers. You may need to convert HTML to Mobi when you want to read files saved from wabpage on your kindle devices just like reading other ebooks instead of reading them in the browser. Or you have written your own ebooks with HTML format and want to share them with your family and friends who own the popular kindle devices.

You may find there are so many ways which are said to be able to convert HTML to Mobi. After my test, I finally collect three effective methods for you to convert HTML to Mobi. You can choose whichever one you prefer.

Updated 22/9/2017--We are glad to recommend you a new way to convert HTML to mobi with EpubPress.

Method 1: Convert HTML to MOBI online

You don't need to install any software by using online converter tools to convert HTML to Mobi. I have found three most effective online converter tools for you.


Visit this website http://ebook.online-convert.com/convert-to-mobi. You can simply upload your HTML document or enter URL of the HTML file you want to convert to Mobi and then hit "Convert file" at the bottom to start the conversion process. The conversion time depends on the your file size. After the conversion has finished, your converted file will be downloded automatically to your computer. You can find it in your "Documents"\"downloads" item.


2Office Converter

Go to this website http://www.office-converter.com/HTML-to-MOBI. You can easily figure out how to add HTML files and then hit "Convert". As the picture shows, you can preset items like "Target ebook reader". In this way you can directly convert HTML to kindle. You can also preset "Change Ebook Title, Author, input encoding" items. After the conversion job has been done, you will see a "download" button.

Office Converter


Visit this website. This one only provides beta version. You can click "Select files" to load your HTML file, and then choose "mobi" as output format. Last is just to hit the red "Start Conversion" button. A "download" button will appear after the conversion has been completed.


Though you don't need to install any software by applying online tools, it may contain some risks since you need to upload your files online. So in the left two parts, I will introduce another two reliable software for you to convert HTML to MOBI.

Method 2: Convert HTML to MOBI Calibre

Calibre is a freeware which can be used to manage your ebooks and convert them to many formats, including converting HTML to Mobi, EPUB and PDF, etc. Now I will show you how to convert HTML to Mobi using Calibre.

Step 1: Go to this website to download and install Calibre. You can select the proper version according to your OS.

Step 2: Launch Calibre and then click "Add books" button to load your HTML file. Don't worry if you find that your HTML file show "ZIP" in the format item because Calibre just sets "ZIP" as the default format for HTML file.

load HTML file to Calibre

Step 3: Tag "Convert books" and choose MOBI as the output format in the following pop-up window. Then click "OK" to start the conversion job.

convert HTML to MOBI Calibre

Step 4: When you see "Jobs: 0" icon it means the job has been finished. You can find your converted MOBI file by hitting "Click to open".

find converted MOBI file

Method 3: Convert HTML to MOBI with eBook Converter

Epubor eBook Converter is a good software to deal with ebooks format. It supports converting HTML to MOBI, EPUB and PDF in batch. You can edit the metadata of your HTML file. More importantly, you can directly convert HTML to Kindle devices by just choosing a specific kindle device as the output format. Now follow me to successfully convert HTML to MOBI with this tool. You can download it for free trial.

Download eBook Converter for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Step 1: Load HTML file into eBook Converter

Install this tool and run it. Then click "Add" button to load your HTML files or simply drag them into this tool.

load HTML into eBook Converter

Step 2: Edit the metadata of HTML file

The moment you click "Edit" icon, the following window will pop up. Like the picture displays, you can replace the cover, edit title, author, date, language, publishers and even write a introduction. After you reset these items, click "finish" to go on.

edit metadata of HTML file

Step 3: Choose "MOBI" or "specific Kindle device" as output format

In the "output format" item at the lower left corner, choose "MOBI" as output format. Or click "Amazon Devices" to select a specific Kindle device as output format.

choose MOBI as output format

Step 4: Start to convert HTML to MOBI or directly convert HTML to Kindle

After you set the output format, hit the big "Convert" button to start the conversion. You will see "Succeeded" when the job has been finished.

convert HTML to MOBI with eBook Converter

You can click "Open folder" to find your converted MOBI file.

find converted MOBI files

After converting HTML to MOBI free, you can read HTML in Kindle for PC or any of your Kindle devices.

read converted HTML on Kindle

Download eBook Converter for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

New method: Convert HTML to Mobi with EpubPress

EpubPress is a service for stitching articles/blogs/webpages into a customized ebook. It is an open source Javascipt project, developed by Harold. One of the most important feature of this tool is that it can also aggregate multiple pages into an e-book file. What's more, it can removes website boilerplate and ads, and give you a clean content. ?

As a matter of fact, EpubPress can be used as browser plugin (chrome & Firefox), epub-press-js, and epub-press-widgets. We will introduce the use of brower plugin. It is avaible on the Chorme Store and FireFox Add-ons. Let's instroudce how to use it on Chorme.

Step1: Add EpubPress to Chrome

Just click on "Add to Chrome" to finish the extension installation. When EpubPress has been added to your chrome, your will see its icon on the top right of the plugin menu. Click on the EpubPress icon, then setting icons, you will see the picture as below.

EpubPress setting

Step 2: Set the EpubPress

Select the " Mobi" as the filetype. EpubPress provides two ways to get e-book files. One is to download the file to your local computer while the other is directly sending the ebook to your Kindle. If you want to send the mobi file to your Kindle, you need to fill in your Kindle email address in "Delivery Email". If you just want to download the ebook to your computer directly, keep this column blank.Then click on the "Save" button to save the settings.

Note: If you choose to send the ebook directly to your Kindle, you have to add sender's email address(noreply@epub.press) to Kindle Approved Personal Document E-mail List. You have to visit and Manage Your Kindle at first. Sign in You Amazon account, go to "Your Kindle Account" from the left side menu and select "Personal Document Settings". Pay attention to the "Approved Personal Document E-mail List" and select "Add a new approved e-mail address". Enter your e-mail address then click on "Add Address."

Step 3: Use the EpubPress

Now you can open the webpages you want to convert to Mobi at the Chrome, and then click on the EpubPress icon at the top right corner, you will see a picture as below.

convert html to mobi with epubPress

Firstly, fill in your own Title and Decriptions, otherwise the EpubPress will automatically generate them for you. Then, click the checkboes in front of the page you want to convert to an e-book and then click on the Download button.

If you have set a Delivery mail at step 2, the converted book will be sent to your Kindle. Or not, it will pop up the download window for you to select the location of the ebook on your computer.

Now you have 4 methods to convert html to Mobi eBooks. Choose the one you like!



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