Ultimate Ways to Convert AAX to MP3 in 2022 (FAQ)

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AAX to MP3

Are you interested in audio books? If so, you absolutely do not want to miss this article. What is an AAX file? AAX is a enhanced audible format of Audible audiobooks. When you choose the audible enhanced format to download the audiobooks from Audible library, you can get the AAX audiobooks with Digital Rights Management restriction. And due to the protection and restrictions from Audible DRM, you cannot listen to an AAX audiobook on arbitrary MP3 players. So here are three ultimate ways to Convert AAX to MP3.

Method 1. Convert AAX to MP3 for Free Online

We can also use aax to mp3 online converters. They are:

Zamzar >>

Convertio >>

online-audio-converter >>

This method is easy as we just need to upload AAX files and then choose the output as MP3. Some converters may ask us to input the email address so that they can send the converted well mp3 files to us.

online audio converter

This is very easy. The only bad point that I dislike is that, there are ads on nearly all of the online converters sites. I hate ads!

And somebody will also dislike the uploading speed because it's really very slow.

And zamzar even has size limits, if your aax audio book is larger than 50MB, you can't use its online service unless you buy its service.

zamzar limits

Method 2. Convert AAX to MP3 with AudibleChapters (free)

AudibleChapters is a freeware designed by Ano from a German forum. After several updates, the current 3.3 version is up to date. It's totally free and concentrates on AAX/WAV conversion.

But when I use this freeware, the time I am waiting for completing conversion is so long. I tried a 7 minutes AAX audiobook and it spends about 3 minutes. And when the software is converting, my computer cannot work smoothly. Also, you cannot do batch conversion.

Despite these problems, I will also show you the procedure step by step.

Step 1: Download AudibleChapters

Download AudibleChapters33.zip and unpack. Then you will get below files.

Unpack AudibleChapters

Step 2: Launch AudibleChaptersGUI.exe

Launch AudibleChaptersGUI.exe. If you want to convert AAX to MP3, you can choose the first option from the pop-up window. After this step, the real conversion interface will come out.

AudibleChapters pop-up window

Step 3: Convert AAX File to MP3

Choose your AAX file and target director. Check MP3 in compression options. Then click "Start". The default option is totally enough for your conversion. Of course, you can see much more options you can choose. You can set them as you like.

Audible Chapters GUI

Once you click "Start", those options will be gray and cannot be clicked anymore. And the information of conversion procedure will be showed in the "Status / Result" column. If your AAX audiobook has a big size, then it will stay in "Decoding audiobook using audible library" for a long time.

AudibleChapters Status Result

The time of this conversion procedure depends on your audiobook size. Please wait patiently. When the conversion is done, it will pop up a window showing the completed status. Click "OK". The "Done" message will also be displayed in "Status / Result".

AudibleChapters Conversion Status

After conversion, it will automatically create a folder named as the AAX audiobook. You can find the mp3 file in that folder. Some users feedback it seems to always create mp3 split by chapter.

If you want to convert next AAX audiobook, you must close the current interface and start next conversion from Step 2. There is no batch conversion option.

Method 3: Convert AAX to MP3 with Audible Converter (worth a try)

Audible Converter

Audible Converter concentrates on converting the Audible audiobooks to frequently-used formats such as mp3. As one of the best AAX/AA to MP3 converter, Epubor Audible Converter is very easily used and has a good user experience. It takes only a few seconds to convert. And you can batch convert Audible AAX audiobooks to MP3. The research personnel is continually updating Audible Converter's details. The customer service staff will respond in a timely manner.

epubor converter audiobook

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I found my newly downloaded audible files are aaxc (on my android audible app). Is it possible to convert aaxc to mp3?

A: Audible android app (version 2.37.0) downloads audible files as aaxc format. But if we use the Audible win 10 app to download those files again, they will be .aa or .aax and then the AAXC to MP3 conversion problem is resolved.

Q: It takes so much time to convert the aax file, is it possible to be faster?

A: AAX files are multimedia digital audiobook which includes images, links, videos and timeline. They are considered as enhanced format of AA files. And in fact the conversion speed is based on the audio books size. The bigger, the conversion time will be longer. But if you want to save time or failed to download aax to mp3, I will recommend you download your audible books as AA formtat but not the aax.

Latest update: We are no longer allowed to download audible AA format since audible started using new aax and aaxc format.

Q: Are there any solutions that could help keep chapters after drm removing?

A: By general, the converted MP3 file (from audible aax audio file) is a complete audio file, which not includes the chapters. If you want to keep chapters, after you adding books please choose the "Option" function to split audible chapters please.



These 3 detailed methods are prepared for you. From now on, converting AAX to MP3 is not difficult for you anymore. I believe they will let everyone more freedom to listen to Audible audio books.

AAX to MP3 Converters Pros Cons
Epubor Audible Converter 60X faster speed;
Remove DRM from aax;
Support chatpter splitting;
Batch conversion
Paid software
AudibleChapters Free; Easy to use No batch conversion
Online service Free Ads; Size limits; Speed slowly


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Doesn't do aax files presently
11/4/2019 11:25:59
Epubor software does support aax file. If you are failed, Can you please send this aax file to epubor.iris@gmail.com so that we can help you fix it?
03/8/2020 14:56:00
I tried the software and it cannot convert the latest aax file. Please help me.
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Thank you for your comments. Would you please send one of your audible file to my email box: epubor.iris@gmail.com so that we can help you check this issue? We just tested epubor audible converter and ensure it can handle the latest audible aax file.
Please don't worry.
03/8/2020 14:49:14
I cannot no longer use Epubor software to convert aax to mp3. I download the aax file and tried to use Epubor to convert aax and failed. I do not know why?
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