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How do I remove DRM from ACSM file? I want to bypass the adobe drm and read my acsm file on my Kindle device.

An ACSM file is not an actual eBook but just a file download link. You need to use this acsm link to download the actual books. When you download ACSM file to real content, in most cases they will also be encrypted with Adobe DRM (Digital Right Management). So you need some DRM removal tools to remove the DRM. When you purchase ebooks from online stores, you may often get acsm files. But many people don't know how to deal with it. So you'll discover the best ACSM DRM Removal and the detailed steps to remove DRM from ACSM files.

Part 1. Open ACSM file and download ACSM file to epub/pdf

ACSM files are not actual books so that you cannot open and read them directly. First you need to get the actual books with the help of Adobe Digital Editions. How to do it? Please follow the below steps.

1Download and install Adobe Digital Editions.

2Authorize your computer with an Adobe ID.

If you are not informed to authorize ADE when you open it for the first time, you can go to Help >> Authorize Computer to authorize it manually.

If you have an Adobe ID already, just enter the email and password directly. If not, you can create an new Adobe ID instead.

authorize adobe id to open acsm file

3 Open ACSM in Adobe Digital Editions.

Find your .acsm file, double-click it and then ADE will download the book automatically. Double click an .acsm file, then a window pops up showing the downloading progress. When the process is finished, the book will be saved in epub or pdf format.

downloading book

After downloading the books, you can read them in ADE on your computer. You can also transfer them to other devices to read. But these devices must be Adobe supported ones such as Kobo and Sony eReader. And you need to make sure that they are registered with the same Adobe ID..

ACSM files are always protected by Adobe DRM. Even if we can open them in ADE and transfer them to other ereaders, the DRM restriction still exists. It means that we can open them on very limited Adobe supported devices and these devices must be with the same Adobe ID.

If the Adobe DRM is not removed, it would be never possible for us to read these books on other devices like Kindle, iPhone, iPad and etc.

So if you wish to open and read acsm files on any device as you like, the best way is to remove the DRM from acsm files, or to be more accurate, to remove Adobe DRM from the epub or pdf books. And next I will recommend the best ACSM DRM removals to you.

Part 2. How to Remove DRM from ACSM with the best Adobe DRM Removal (2 Methods)

Best free ACSM DRM Removal--Calibre DeDRM Plugins

Calibre has its DeDRM plugins to remove DRM from books. If we keep Calibre and its plugins on the computer, we can remove ACSM DRM with them.

Step 1 Download and install Calibre.

Step 2 Download Calibre DeDRM plugins.

Step 3 Add the plugins to Calibre and remove ACSM DRM

Run Calibre, click "Preferences" on the top menu bar.

preferences option

Then click "Plugin" under "Advanced" option in the new pop-up window.

choose plugin

Next click "Load plugin from file" button to load Calibre DeDRM plugin file.

calibre load plugin

Then a reminder window pops up asking you "Are you sure ?". Just click "Yes" to proceed. Then you can see the success notification. Click the button "OK". Done. Finally you can see the plugin information under "File type plugins".


Now just restart Calibre and add your DRM-protected books to it. The DRM will be romoved automatically. If your DRM-protected books are already in your Calibre library, you should remove them from Calibre library first and then re-add them to Calibre, or their DRM cannot be removed.

Ultimate ACSM DRM Removal--Epubor Ultimate

Here I will show you the best ACSM DRM removal—Epubor Ultimate. It's a much more powerful ACSM DRM removal and can be used as an ACSM file converter as well. That is to say, it's a DRM removal tool as well as an ebook converter. It's more convenient and user-friendly than Calibre and other eBook DRM Removal tools.

Step 1 Download and install Epubor Ultimate

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Step 2 Remove ACSM DRM

Run Epubor Ultimate on your computer. It will automatically load your ADE books. The books will be displayed under the "Adobe" tab at the left column. Just drag and drop them to the right main window. Then the books' DRM will be removed immediately. So easy! So convenient! And so fast!

decrypt googleplay book

Helpful Tips: After removing the DRM, you can convert the epub or pdf books to other formats such as mobi/azw3 to read them on Kindle. Just select the book, set the output format as what you want, then click the "Convert" button to start the conversion.

convert googleplay book

To get a better reading experience, I strongly believe that Epubor Ultimate can benefit you much more and it's far more easier-to-use compared with Calibre Plugins.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

07/7/2019 11:41:42
Be warned - Epubor is NOT free. It will appear to work, but will only decrypt/convert 20% of the book, and will ask you to register (for $25.99) to get the rest of the content.
07/8/2019 09:58:33
The trial version will give you 20% content of each book.To get the license, you have three methods: 1. purchae it; 2. translate an article,; 3 tape a video.
For the detailed information, please contact our customer service: support@epubor.com
08/31/2019 05:51:09
I would like to have a license for Epubor by translating an article. Would you help me?
09/2/2019 08:44:10
Thank you for contacting us. For translating the article, please contact our support: epubor.muzhi1989@gmail.com
12/1/2019 05:00:49
But how do we find the book's file after Adobe Digital Edition has downloaded it?
12/8/2020 20:46:38
What a complete waste of time. Epubor is NOT free. It will appear to work, but will only decrypt/convert 20% of the book, and will ask you to register (for $29.99). If it is suppose to be free why not put the instructions on the list.  Plonkers
08/26/2021 02:54:34
Most every program on the internet saying they can do something for "Free" is never really free. One always expects to pay for something.... MY QUESTION... is this program worth the $26?????
If it is... well worth it. There is always a cost so expect that. Is this program worth the $26? If so, stop complaining. If not... talk your talk
02/1/2022 09:35:59
This product no longer works on ascm.  You get an error, then it tells you to load the pdf.  Noone from their help department answers why it changed.
02/7/2022 14:34:30
Epubor software supports acsm drm, but please ensure your books can be read with your adobe digital editions on your computer at first. Also, please tell us where did you purchase this book? Then we will help you check whether this adobe drm is supported by our software.
03/8/2022 15:33:44
I am having the exact same issue, and I paid full price for the software. 1/5 stars
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